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All life forms a balance based on fairness. What we define as life is not limited to humans and non-human animals and plants. We have never been able to prove intelligently enough to determine whether or not a large assemblage of planets, stars, galaxies, etc., is conscious, nor can rocks and winds. It is even more difficult to imagine the grounds for affirming the existence of invisible existences and existences of another dimension beyond cognition. No one can deny sex.

Therefore, we believe that establishing relationships based on the compass of fairness, including all existences and non-existences, brings about a balance between freedom and responsibility, and is an essential principle for realizing respect, empathy, and reconciliation. and make this our statement.

The King With Donkey Ears

{ An existence | A person | A substance } who { loves | can't stop } { imagination | abstract }.

You might call it art. In the same way as playing music or painting, there are processes and means for designing social models, cultures, and exchanges, and for realizing them. Writing is especially familiar and easy.

I am deeply inspired by reading my own writing. I am the primary reader of your blog. I learn from my own past writings. Sometimes I wonder if they were really written by me.

How are human consciousness, recognition, intention, and soul established in this world? Is my existence a collection of all the pasts that I have been involved with in the past? Is there a filter for whether or not I direct my curiosity, including the act of looking at myself in the mirror? That's how I feel about getting something out of what I write.

The author does not expect the possibility of evaluation / judgment based on human performance, career, nationality, gender, experience, or any other bias. Hope you can read my articles with a light mind like reading a piece of paper that has fallen from somewhere unknown. The world is cozy and beautiful.