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Spacecraft Integrated Control Technologies and Methods

Social Philosophy and System for Realizing Distributed Community Connection

A deeper understanding of interrelationships in cognitive consciousness

Proof-of-concept in progress

Proof of the hypothesis that zero-capital startups produce more valuable results than capitalized

Proof that the concept of employee is unnecessary

Proof that the world will turn even if everyone in the world does only what they want to do

Proof that living with curiosity works better than intellectually

Proof that humans who are branded as socially incompetent have high potential to give higher value to society

Operating organizations

qube cafe

A regional gathering place where everyone can use nodes scattered all over the world and realize real-time wide-area connectivity with the latest network technology

gray and black galaxy wallpaper

A place where people with originality and special talents can connect to a fair and free society and learn from each other


A group that combines special talents, special skills, and rare experiences to solve ultra-high-level problems


Share an adventurous spirit with friends from all over the world and travel to live only by doing what you love


Insight into the future and choose