The Next Stage

Here comes the sun.

I started [P]lanning something in 2017.
Then I actually [D]id the plan this year. Some came true, and some didn’t.
During [C]hecking my result, I realized I am putting my energy in wrong way. So I am now [A]cting to adjust the direction of my ship.

Wild nature is always the key for us.
Listen to The Call of the Wild.
Thae’s what somebody said. I don’t know what it is, or who it is. But I’m familiar with this voice. The voice comes from somewhere. Inner child, subconschious, oracle, or just imaginations. But it doesn’t matter much to me.

Now I have clear vision. The scenes. The delight. No obstacle. Can’t tell a reason but I am not a stupid. I believe it.

Struggled in my country. I am not giving up anything. I just realized the vision to take all the things I have in the different perspective.

As some of you may already know, I have a blight side and a dark side, both in my heart. I am pretty sure everybody does.

You might believe that the decision is in your hands but I don’t.
Everything is under a perfect beauty called a wild nature.

I hope you will understand the metaphor some day.

Hiro Hayashi