It was the day we had a drastic change of the life flow yesterday. I have no idea for the reason but I should not dig into it.

Everything in this universe has a certain vector of the energy flow. The nature gives us what we need at any moment. Only we have to do is feel and move as a wind.

I am now very happy with the fulfillment and will for the unknown future. Special events will occur very soon. What makes me excited is I still don't know what will happen.

The pure and clean energy going through my body heals my soul. The unseen visions flashes into myself and shows stunning images inside my brain.

Now I am calm, full aware, being conscious and mindful. Let's start a new project.

My cats reflects me. They're stable and being in the full peace.

After I got out of the situation, I came to know that many people sorrounded me were trying to stop my journey without intension. It always happens. Being prepared for this kind of situation can be done only after the certain spiritual stage.

I don't regret my life because I am always willing to be honest.

The one tells me that I got a gift. The one let me know that I need to release the current situation to move next, to be ready for the next gift. The one promissed me I have gifts to receive in this universe. The one told me to choose if I leave this universe or stay. The one told me I have things that I have not received yet. I came back to receive them. I am not intentionally giving anything to anyone in my everyday life but as results I am giving & receiving very special gifts in every moment of my life.

The one taught me that the life is the joy. We can play anything. We can enjoy. If there is anyone who reads my message, please keep this in my mind; the life is the play; the life is the joy.