Because Beloved

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Just want to tell you about what is love, in certain view.

Once upon a time, a man told his wife that he loves her. The wife asked her husband, "Why?". Then he answered bunch of reasons why he loves her. But she never wanted any reason for love. So, what was the real intention of her question?

She did not want any personal reason. She wanted to be satisfied by knowing that she is following the way it is. The way is usually given by some kind of great being.

Case 1:

A boy: You don't have to worry.
A girl: Why?
A boy: Because I love you.

Case 2:

A boy: I love you.
A girl: Why?
A boy: Because you don't have to worry.

I know some people say the love should not be the motivation and they want some realistic answers. But it may be a real good chance to reconsider about this topic now.

The love does not come from somewhere. The love does not appear from nothing. The whole love is already here, there and everywhere. This is the truth and the all thing we should realize. We are so young and innocent that we need a long long time to understand that we learned a posteriori that the love is something like a chance, a material, or a object that appears within certain condition. This is a kind of defect upon our current society.