My cat, Nyachan just came to me, and bothered my computer work with his cute voice. I asked back to him, “What is your opportunity to do something?” Of course he does not answer in the ordinary way, but I can know his answer in the secret way. Very very secret way.

Everything we do in the real life is related to love. We don’t have to know the meaning of the word. We don’t even have to know the word. But we already know what the love is since before we were born to here. The love originally doesn’t have any direction. It’s like full duplex communication. Not one to one. Infinity to infinity. So that love means everything. But when we describe in our words like this, the love cannot be explained precisely. Never. What you do is the part of love, that means we cannot ignore the existence of love. Love is not emotion. Love is not passion. Love is not any kind of status. Universe is a part of it. Gravity is a part of it. Cell is a part of it. When you talk or think about something, maybe it’s a good timing to recognize that you are always related to love in some way. You may have some negative impression but it is still a part of love in you.

I just want to explain love in a way. Maybe 2 ways tomorrow. 3 ways in 3 days future. It never ends because love is not countable. It is infinity. That is why we say the love is energy and our heart is as wide as a space, and possibility is unlimited.

What is “possibility” then? It’s easy. Possibility relies on how much you can believe in love. That’s it. Don’t think about the stupid question like “What is your definition of love and possibility?”. There’s no answer and this kind of question makes yourself weak. Limitation should not be settled by yourself. Please refer the status quo. Just like Einstein’s dream, the love is not fuzzy element. Love is the real thing, but just cannot see easily. If you believe in “limited five senses”, you will never be able to see. By the way, do you know what “see” means? I don’t think so. I don’t know what the “see” is. It’s so deep and wide thing.

Propagation is not necessary in love because it’s everywhere. No limitation to the light speed (299,792,458m/s). I just cannot stop laughing when I see the number like this. Boltzmann constant, Pi, any kind of constant is just a result of our cognitive constraints. If you precisely grasp the love, you must know that the explanation is limited and you may be lamented knowing how verbal expression is a less flexible way of expression. Because I had always been so.

Yes, always.

Hiro Hayashi

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