The end of money rights

Much more people in the world already be aware, because I am even aware. However, here in Japan, the ability to match facts and imagine future possibilities is significantly diminished. I feel from the relationship with many Japanese people that people in this country tend to get one answer to one problem. It is clear that one of the major factors that created this tendency is the educational policy, and the symbol is the examination society.

There are endless solutions to one problem. How many solutions can be created depends on factors such as experience, skill, intelligence, and immediate learning ability.

The ability to respond to new-type coronavirus infectious diseases is a result of showing the degree of problem-handling ability of each community in the world. Inflexible communities are culled and more people die or are squeezed. Crisis is always a test of community diversity and rigidity.

Confidence makes reality. I was forgiven to live when I was about to die from myocardial infarction last year. That experience made me understand. Many modern people misunderstand that they can control their life and death. That is a mistake in the long run. Even if you can live a long and healthy life, the wrinkles will suffer to your beloved family and compatriots. Surviving at the point of death is to spend every day at risk, without the ability to survive. If we couldn’t survive without the hygiene and medical care at the expense of advanced research and high costs, according to the law of nature, it was a mortal life. Although it is always necessary for individuals to overcome illness, if they rely on external tools such as medicine, they will live on medicine without having a solution by their own immunity. I have no intention of criticizing this method, but it is very important whether or not it is the action taken after fully recognizing that the controllable range is narrowed. As far as I know, medical techniques with a long history in Asia have a deep connection with the immunity and the vitality that is the source of it. In the world of modern medicine, the despicable money-making principle that is the abuse of the immune system is widespread. I’m not saying that everything is contaminated, but as a result, many have been forced to rely on drugs and medicine.

In the future, there will be an era in which the response policy for coronavirus infectious diseases is left to the individual, not the state. A person who is afraid of death cannot understand that he is a person who stands up without fear of death. Just because it happened to be born in the same region and live in the same country, the era of complying with the policies of that region and country will soon end. With the evolution of the modern information society, it is no longer possible to block contact with people who can share the values they believe in. However, various methods prevent the people from establishing true communication through sophisticated information technology. It is good to observe the world from this perspective. Techniques that hinder genuine communication are very childish. Spreading fake news, misusing information authority, etc. All of them are premised on the inability to interact directly with the information source. It’s no exaggeration to say that the world is in the midst of World War III.

When we stop fearing death, we know the essence of love and what agape means.

There is no single thing in the world that goes wrong. Now, my life is under my control. You should take the time to abandon unnecessary ideologies and dogmas and ask yourself what you were born to enjoy in this world. There are so many people in the world right now who are restricted from going out and at home, why not spend more time communicating with your heart?

And do you forget that at this very moment, some people are living outside without a safe home? More specifically, what have you gained and lost from having a home through this coronavirus turmoil?