Career to open the door and ability to open the way

This article can be read in about 3 minutes.

I try myself. I put everything I learned to my next challenge.

It's time to change. It's time that I had been waiting for. I make myself clear to be 100%.

Career is the past. It does never explain what you learned from it.

Ability is the power. It raises you to the high mountain whenever, wherever you are.

Hesitation should be thrown away, not embraced.

I will meet as many lives as I can in my rest life. I don't want to stop. I don't need anyone who tries to stop me. I don't need anyone trying to imitate me. I don't need anything that brings me a fear. I don't need anyone to despise or insult me. I don't need anyone to discriminate or compare lives.

I just want a freedom. If my wish is called ego by someone, I wil let it be. If my challenge seems to be impossible to everyone, it's not to me.

I know I can do it. My God also knows that I can.

I stopped thinking about the amount of time rest for me. It means I never subject the time limitation.

Why do I want to do it?


I just want to do it. Every particle that consists my body and soul screams to myself to do it.

If there is an encounter, there will be a farewell. Farewell brings sadness to me as well as to other human beings. I feel everything highly sensitive. Even I can read the mind more than typical. My sensitivity to feel the gentle waves as strong as the rough waves of a typhoon does not want to be hurt anymore. But as long as we live in this world, there are things that cannot be avoided. That is why we need the determination to be courageous. I impose on myself that I always give my best courage. Because that is to live.