Starting up is just a beggining step

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The first condition necessary to recognize corruption is to have a place where it can be observed from a perspective that is not affected by the corruption.

Japan's entrepreneurial spirit has become marketed, and youth dreams are removed as an unwanted part that is difficult to control by the financial consumers who dominate the market. Dreams are processed, shaped, trained, coated, and appear to capitalists as manageable financial instruments.

Japan is not the only environment to which this situation applies. But for now, let's focus on the situation in Japan.

Honor students learn chess game records and past strategies well, but I can't feel their will. I analyze the value of the products they output to the market and, in the process, delve into their intentions to enter the market and their values. Gradually, their intentions and values and wisdom that can be seen through those products are felt to be very shallow. There is little to feel about their shallow wisdom.

Education is the key factor but I had been planning the strategy how the gap can be justified.

No meaning on comparison. The bests solution always comes where planning happens with observation and execution happens with concentration.