Beyond the Interaction

This article can be read in about 3 minutes.

In Octover 2019, I have started my own company (LLC) called Q3 (Qu-bic, as Q cubed) after 2-3 years of my private struglling with starting up a revolutional holacracy society model in Tokyo.

It was a pretty big challenge for me, since I started up by a demand from my only business customer, and there was no outlook other than it. Moreover, I was completely out of money -- that the most people never believe. I realized that Japanese citizen is spoiled by economic wealth. They never believe that the man they see decided to challenge his dream with no money. But for real, he is trying to make his dream come true and decided to challenge it while he has no money.

I believe in many things which I can not see with my eyes. If I decide, I get. Because this is the rule of this universe. I never give up to achieve the target. I do not work for somebody else, but I work for my mission.

I always get inspiration when I need it. I know who gives it to me. It was gifted to me. It always come to me as a gift.

February, 2020 - I joined an ICT security software company as a technical consultant. The company gave me some precious experience to me, and I left that company on Janyary, 2021. I was guided by something and I know what it is.

From this year, I finally got an environment where I can freely challenge anything. The potential I have is many kind and strong friends and family. And the skills and experience that I have trained myself.

Q3 Qube